Space Empires V

Space Empires V 1.79

Space Empire V is an strategy game developed by Malfador Machinations

Space Empire V is an strategy game developed by Malfador Machinations.
In this game you will be able to explore, expand, exploit and exterminate. This is known as the four x for the old gamers.

As in the previous games of this saga, you will have to start in a small planet with some resources to build your ship and from there explore another planets. Of course, that your goal is to conquer another planets before they conquer yours.
In addition, you can develop your own technology, which will let you create your ships as you want.

Sometimes, you will use the diplomacy with the civilizations that you discover. The peace treaties are more intelligent thing to do in case that the other civilizations has more weapons or technology than you. Another important thing are the alliances, you can do it to attack one common enemy to both factions.

Graphics and sound
The graphics are very good the scenarios are interesting. The soundtrack is nice but not impressive. The sound effects are suitable.

To sum up, this is a good game with a lot of possibilities.

María Noel Balla
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  • Great scenarios and nice soundtrack


  • Is a complex game
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